Tuesday, February 3, 2009

High lights

Visiting Europe for the first time was my highlight of 2008. Below is Pont du Gard, David in Florence, Amsterdam and Barcalona.



Underground Jazz club in Paris







Monday, January 19, 2009

European Gastronomy

Here are a few meals I enjoyed on my trip. The pictures follow the order of countries I visited. First in Germany I had a few traditional meals (and beer).

In Florence I had a few pizzas. The first one (with sketch) was from a touristy cafe. The other pizza is Napoleon style from a out of the way restaurant. Can you see the difference.

Gilato in Florence.

Here is my most memorable meal in Italy. From Florence I traveled to a street festival in Castelfiorentino. I spotted many people ordering from a street side restaurant. I discovered most of the dishes were tripe based. Now that was an interesting lunch.

Take a look at those large shrimp I had in Marseille, France

Sometime a salad is perfect for lunch. North of Nimes my host Isabella (with her English translation dictionary) joined me.

My next stop was Barcelona, Spain. Here I am at my favorite tapas bar.
  • Txapella
  • Below is and flavorful Paella with seafood dish, great salad and cooling sangria. I had the meal at La Pinta restaurant in Sitges, Spain.

    Many colorful cafes dotted my visit in Paris. This French onion soup was delicious.

    A simple salmon sandwitch in Amsterdam. The view of a canal from the cafe was not bad. I had a few "Vlaamse frites".
  • French fries in Amsterdam

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